"Overture" - Undyed Yarns

Luxury high quality undyed yarn, perfect for hand dyeing or to be used just as they are. The finesse of the fibres, the particularity of the combinations and the many tests made in our laboratory ensure a wonderful result for your works.

Our research is oriented on obtaining different effects using undyed merino wool, undyed cotton, also combined.
Focusing on originality but also on the material effect of the final product, we obtained playful yarns that will give you infinite chances of experiment.
 You can choose different bare yarns:

100% extrafine merino wool (19,5 micron)

RWS Certified
Opera (0 - Lace - 1 ply - 100 gr = 1500m)
Diesis (1 - Superfine - 6 ply - 100 gr = 600 mt)
Concerto (2 – Fine - 4 ply - 100 gr. = 380 m)
Musical (3 – Light - 8 ply - 100 gr. = 190m)

And also in some exclusive unique marled overdyeable versions in Concerto and Musical. 

100% fine merino wool
RWS Certified
Allegro (3 – Light - 8 ply - )

60% extrafine merino wool 40% cotton 

60% extrafine merino wool (19,5 micron)
RWS Certified

40% flamed cotton 
BCI certified
Gospel (3 – Light, 100 gr. = 160m)

And also in an exclusive unique marled overdyeable version in Gospel.

Please note that we can not guarantee that the colour of the yarn is completely identical to the image on your screen, as the colour may appear different from screen to screen.
If you aren't sure about a colour please write us, we'll glad to help you chose the right one.